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What's wrong?

masterangel3055 asked: So I noticed on your page that you had posted a preview of a video your doing. It looks awesome so far and I was happy to see that I had found another editor especially one that works with Transformers. So I was wondering if you had a youtube channel at all 'cause I'd love to sub you if you do?

Yes I will upload to YouTube after I finished it:)… But the problem is that I can’t finish it!!! There are a lot of scenes I need to draw and cut them and edit it! Lol anyway I will finish it some day.

Anonymous asked: hey ^_^ your arts amazing seriously awesome, and your video looks great btw, good luck with that! i have a headcannon for KO but i'm not really in the fandom, but i really wanted to tell someone so: yeah ha ha its you congrats, kinda, anyway. Contacts, KO wears contact lenses to hide his eye colour. so um yeah sorry bye, i'll go now, feel free to do w/e with that. x

you mean like this ?

roboticspacecase asked: I was wondering if you could give me some tips on drawing Knockout? I've been trying so hard but I can't quite get him right. I'd be forever thankful :)

here’s the head part! I will do the body part in days ( I guess) (:3)

I’m working on this and been working for like 3 days but I only done like not even 30 seconds…………….

This doesn’t hurt at all.

This doesn’t hurt at all.


My big spike don’t
My big spike don’t
My big spike don’t want none
Unless you got bots, hun

Oh primus, look at his butt
Oh primus, look at his butt

Look at that robutt and loooooooook at his butt.

:) heheh

sideshow-diego asked: You will always be able to do fanart, and people who appreciate your work would buy prints of your fanart in a heart beat. You may have to take commissions that don't interest you a lot, but you will also do things you love.

Thank you. That’s why I start my commission and try to see if anyone would love to buy my art. And thank you for your support and words, I will try my best to be stronger. :)

I feel lost.

I feel so lost.

And I am still feeling lost.

I even start think about why I choose to do the illustration major.

I don’t even know why I choose to do the art.

I feel like I’m really useless and I will never fill my life up.

I forget what I should do for my projects and art style.

I’m always the one who told my buddies and people around me “Stand up and try to reach the sky, don’t forget what you are born for you are born for yourself do the things you wanna do and never give up on your goal.”

But I just lost, like, a week ago.

I know and realize that someday I will never have a chance to do the fan art or whatever picture I wanna do. Because I need to focus on what I should do in order to earn some money.


Money issue finally defeat me.

And I got lost because I am so so so afraid if I will never get a job.

My parents comfort me and told me that I just worry about these kind of things too much. And stop thinking these kind of things.

But I don’t know.

Maybe I should go get a regular job, like maybe doing the business or marketing. 

I really don’t know. Because sometimes if I choose to do it I may never have a good chance to get some art education.

I don’t know, and I wanna cry, cry really loudly, and be lonely, but I don’t want to be lonely.

I really just hope, that I can talk to more people, and I just want some people talking with me about these kind of things.

My friends told me I worry too much, too. But I don’t know, even they are right, I just don’t want to spend my parents’ money anymore.

It is really expensive for my to study aboard, especially in US.

I am in one of the best art school in here, in New York City.

School of Visual Arts.

But I still lost.

Even before I got accept, I was so happy that I made it. That I could get a good education of arts.

I don’t know.

People are talking about money, But I’m talking about ability.

The ability I could get a job that I think it would be all right.

I, am, so, afraid.

I just want to say it aloud.

I just want to sit here and talk to tumblr.

I am not always reply you and I am not always using tumblr to reblog stuff, it doesn’t mean I am ignore people in here.

I feel sorry, I feel guilt. 

And also, I am scared.

"After his death, Knockout created an AI based on his past good friend, named BREAKDOWN."

“Megatron killed him.”

“Why do you think I kidnapped Trepan?”

"I wanted him to teach me how to become a mnemosurgeon."

"I picked up the basics, but before I could learn how to interface with people, Megatron got wind of my new ‘Hobby’."


Forgot to post them yesterday…(:3

Doodles of these days! (つД`)ノ So tired i have to move out from my dorm by next Friday.

(Hot) Rodimus ^q^

(Hot) Rodimus ^q^

"Midnight Clinic in Nemesis."
—-^q^ (I wanna join them, too)(no)

"Midnight Clinic in Nemesis."

—-^q^ (I wanna join them, too)(no)